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  1. GiantRobotDelux

    UFC fighter impersonations: Laugh your ass off!
  2. GiantRobotDelux

    UFC fighter impersonations of UFC athletes: Laugh your ass off!
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    Sean McCorkle vs Brian Heden was embarrassing Some of the worst striking and grappling I've ever seen. The only saving grace to this fight was Don Frye's mumbly commentary. What happened? Didn't this guy tap Mark Hunt?!
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    "Go sing to your hamburgers and dance onstage with Justin Beiber!" - Chael Sonnen
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    Leader of Canada presents leader of Japan with signed UFC gloves!

    What was the day that MMA became mainstream? Was it when FOX first broadcast the UFC? Was it when millions saw Griffin vs. Bonnar? Has it even happened yet? Maybe it was the day the leader of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, gave the leader of Japan, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, a...
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    Kharitonov beats his meat for Russian media.
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    Everything you've always want to know about Canada but were afraid to ask.

    Exactly how our government is not exactly, democratic. sorry.
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    Minowa VS. Grove - "Crunchtime" Pisani vs GRD!

    i it's o... n... . ON! 30 Day sig bet. Crunchtime: Grove GiantRobotDelux: Minowa Pro Elite 3 Grove vs. Minowa Saturday, Jan. 21 Neil S. Blaisdell Center Honolulu, Hawaii Kendall Grove (185) vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (185) Sara McMann (135) vs. Hitomi Akano (135) Jake Heun (233) vs. Richard Odoms...
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    Floyd Mayweather headed to the SLAMMER for domestic abuse
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    Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law - Good bye habeas corpus
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    Brock is a lean mean fighting machine. *PIC*

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    Joe Rogan and Ron Paul on the late show! Check it!
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    Pic of the Day!

    Post as many pics each day as you'd like. :pics: The only rule is if you wish to comment you must also post a pic. :popcorn:
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    TUF BRAZIL: Coaches: Wanderlei Silva vs Vitor Belfort
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    Jones dropping Machida out cold.

    I want to adress all of these people claiming bad sportsmanship or irresponsibility on Jones' part for not catching Machida before he hit the floor or letting him down gently. If I can remind you, the referee was the man wearing black. Jones was the black man. Thanks! That is all.
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    UFC 140 Weigh in: Jon Jones boo'd!

    Did anyone else catch this? A large portion of the front row boo'd Jones during the weigh in. There is a huge Brazilian population in Toronto. In other news, Frank Mir weighed in at a lean 260lbs! Holy sheeet! Tito Ortiz (206.0) vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (204.5) -Claude Patrick (171.0)...
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    Tito Ortiz drops nickname, "No longer the bad boy."
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    Trust me. I know Georges St. Pierre

    Fellas. Without sounding like to much of a Canadian nationalist or a half french fanboy with vaginal drippage, I am from Montreal, born and raised. I want to take a moment for all of my American brothers and sisters to teach you all the correct pronunciation of the Canadian welterweight...
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    The difference between 185 and 170: GSP and Vitor Belfort Georges St. Pierre and Vitor Belfort training together.