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  1. dDuecy

    Favorite Rivalary

    i was just wondering what everyones favorite rivalary is mine personally would have to be WARD VS GHATTI.
  2. dDuecy

    Church and State

    We were discussing this in English class and i agree they should keep it seperate what do you think?
  3. dDuecy

    NCAA Basketball

    Season is about to start who do u like and how do u think they will do? My team is the Kansas Jayhawks i think They will make it Elite 8 possibly Final 4
  4. dDuecy

    Chicago Bulls

    I have liked the bulls forever, This season they got (Big) Ben Wallace and Brown they played the heat last night and owned them 108-66. Hinrich scored 26 points. Ownage
  5. dDuecy

    The Difference Btw Facism and Communism

    I have been wondering what the real difference between Facsim and Communism, They seem really similar except that Facism is anti-Communism. There really wasnt a real difference btw how Stalin and Hitler ruled, then again i dont know indepth what Facism is.
  6. dDuecy

    A Good place to get an Email Addresses

    I was wondering were a good place to get a free Email Addresses is. I dont want to get one at yahoo,hotmail,Or AOL.