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  1. Sami83


    The third episode was on tv yesturday. Didnt like it at all. I liked the first two but that was just stupid.
  2. Sami83

    Starting BJJ today! ..At the tender age of 32

    Ordered myself my first gi ever. Pretty much just went for the cheapest one i could find. Havent received it in the mail yet. And of course got myself the black belt too. Guys will be amazed when i walk into the gym at friday.
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    Yes watching horror films should be mandatory for kids. One movie i really loved as a kid was jaws. I watched it many times a day. I didnt really think it as a horror film.
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    Starting BJJ today! ..At the tender age of 32

    So far bjj has been very fun. But goddamn im dead after the first 15 minutes. I got to up my cardio game big time. I had hard time walking to my car today after the class. Had nothing left. My sparring partner got a bit over exited at one point and i got knee'ed in the eye. I bet i have black...
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    My parents also let me watch pretty much every movie that was on tv when i was little kid. Like exorcist for example. But the most scarring movie for me must have been poltergeist or pet semetery. I had nightmares from those for years.
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    :D lol! Seriously tho.. thats same conclusion i've made myself.
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    I had to google that. I have no idea. Would a snuggie do almost the same thing?
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    Weren't there yet. It starts at six and clock is almost four now. I think it more likely i will be choked out by some kid or a small girl
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    I'll do my best
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    Satan haunts my dreams (Kinda)

    I would like to share you my weird satanic dreams i've had. Personally i think they are just dreams as any other dream but still i find them kind of intresting, and creepy. My wife thinks i should start going to church lol. Anyway, the first dream i had was about 10 years ago. I had a dream were...
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    Starting BJJ today! ..At the tender age of 32

    That's right.. I will have my first beginner bjj class today at 18:00. It's now 13:15. I'm getting a bit nervous to the tell the truth. It's something i've been thinking about for the last 15 years to start doing, but i've always thought "im too old to start now!", even when i was in my...
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    jes jes
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    holly wantstaho - digital underground
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    Kimo Speaks on Bogus Death Reports

    i expected him to crip-walk out of the room in the end
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    Which car for my wife?

    as a bmw lover i recommed bmw, lol. lot of engine options there, which one were you thinking?
  16. Sami83

    if it is vitor or lashley what are your thoughts

    i think they should try something new and sensational with this one, vitor & lahsley tag-teaming against fedor? how cool would that be?
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    what kinda car do you drive?

    '95 bmw 740
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    fight music?

    how about some finnish thrash metal? the lyrics are in finnish so no one will understand shit. the title of the song means "bad blood". its basically about overboiling rage, if this song doesnt get you pumped, nothing will <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
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    fight music?

    how about this one? pantera - p.s.t '88 (pussy tight) <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    cannibal holocaust

    i have to check that one out too. i like troma films, the first toxic avenger is one of the best films ever made, lol.