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    Seriously... how hard are you for this weekend?

    Hey kermit! It's been a lonnnggg time lol. That's god damn awesome though, who's your coach, I'll be rooting my ass off for him!
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    Common good bank

    Haha that's a little bit of text that says nothing at all. Fuck your thread it's dead, and you are to blame.
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    Common good bank

    You pretty much just posted a link, which likely means one of three things. Your thoughts on this are represented adequately and thoroughly by the short doc you posted the link to (which could mean you were taken in by it without much thought, or that this was a coincidence), or you know close...
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    Seems like the ducking has began

    i want to see FM fight jirov. Throw that fight in the mix in the in between time before pac. He'll think it's a warm up fight and that it's gonna make him look better, and jirov will beat the shit out of him. Jirov has fought everywhere from middleweight to heavyweight, so he'd need to shed...
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    Holy shit listen to these retards

    these fucks are clueless. 'conservativeness'. fuck me. this is just about an exact copy of the video made on election day where a ton of people voting for obama were interviewed and made no sense at all. 'what is your problem with czars?' 'this is america , we don't have czars'. Having a problem...
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    Man Grapples with Emu... Hilarious

    haha ... did look like he had a rnc and his newly pattented emu neck bar at the same time hahaha. the emu thought he could roll out of it but that guy just kept goin with the flow hahaha
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    Don Frye Commercials

    There are a few old ones, and this is one of them: YouTube- OPremium Waters Bottled Water Delivery Commercial But, has anyone seen the new commercial he is in for At&t? Its for some blackberry phone (I don't know what model) and he looks like he is playing muscle for some gang. You only see...
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    Rogers' Head Trainer Mike Reilly Talks "Fedor vs Rogers"

    and i know that some may say that it is part of Reilly's job to spin shit to the press and maybe help rogers feel a little about himself, if rogers is dumb enough to believe any of this shit. but fuck, these statements are just fucked up way too much
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    Rogers' Head Trainer Mike Reilly Talks "Fedor vs Rogers"

    Wasn't Rogers asking Big John where he was or what happend ... something along those lines. Morphodite asshole
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    Rogers' Head Trainer Mike Reilly Talks "Fedor vs Rogers"

    - MAYBE not that same instant but it would have gone on only to stopped seconds later. Reilly is delusional when making any comments about Fedor's ground game not being a cause for worry. I can definitely agree with him here though -
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    Finding George St Pierre

    Fuck that shit freaks me out. It's disgusting. I guess it's just the culture around me showing its influence on me, because I really feel that I don't discriminate against gay people, I want them to be able to be happy. But fuckkkk meee that shit is physically sickening. "But if we can hump...
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    Finding George St Pierre

    This is news to me too. Thank you Resin, you just gave me back a little piece of mind. I always knew he was gay too but couldn't get anything solid to set it in stone. Well it is set now. And in the last picture that Fedor=#1 posted, did anybody else notice that Leonardo Dicaprio is...
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    yeah, ive trained this for sure. a lot. leg locks might be my favorite group of submissions. you can even go for a pinch or a calf bicycle from there, or work to get your body up and spin to land on your back with the knee bar, and so on. people really need to study this kind of stuff and...
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    Holy crap! Brock Lesnar may be very seriously ill!

    dana might make mir the interim champ instead of kimbo because he knows he can pay mir 40 cents a fight, with a 40 cent bonus if he wins. and im sure brock has hepatitis a, b, c, and d and some fucked up whole new strain we don't even know exists yet. he probably shared needles with tommy...
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    What IF Rogers Knocks Out Fedor?????

    I will be sitting in front of my tv or computer with my 12 guage loaded and in my mouth at the start of the fight and my toe on the trigger. The very instant the fight is stopped because Fedor is KO I push my toe down and leave a big mess for my family to clean up. Closed casket.
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    Cecil Peoples: Leg Kicks "Certainly Don't" Finish Fights

    i want to stab the fucked up dope dick with an aids infected needle and force him to rape his own kid and make him jizz in his/her asshole. fuck him. like somebody above said, he would have been better off just keeping his fuckin face shut. WHY would he even try to explain his decision? he...
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    The Official Machida got his ass beat Photo thread

    Machida got the shit kicked out of him, Shogun had octagon control won by miles, he landed a few good elbows while Machida landed none, Shogun landed the harder punches and by far the hardest shots all around. It's gonna blow even your mind that Shogun lost.
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    Jacare in for Roger @ ADCC

    i'm looking forward to this still, but i wanted to see roger wipe out drysdale, it's disappointing that he dropped out. They did right and got the best guy to replace him though for sure.
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    Ultimate Fighting: Fistfull of Dollars RIGHT NOW (2pm central time)on CNBC

    I don't know if a thread was made on this or not but I don't have time to check cuz I just saw it and wanted anyone on right now to catch it if they wanted to. Plus there may be re-runs of it.