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  1. The Invincible UTT

    I think Cena should go to UFC

    He would do really well just like Lesnar and then after he is done he can go back to WWE.
  2. The Invincible UTT

    IS the undertaker the brother of cain velasquez?

    I heard that Cain defeated Lesnar recently. This is why I hate when people say that UFC is fake. Its real and seeing Cain open up Lesnar like the proved it. I also like how his brother the undertaker came to watch. I wonder if they will fight next.
  3. The Invincible UTT

    Mma fans are so stupid and thats why the boxing community thinks yall are morons...

    Anderson Silva fought injured. He's not "OMG THE MOST OVERRATED FIGHTER IN MMA HISTORY" and the strikeforce MW champ isnt "OMG WAY BETTER THAN ANDERSON SILVA OMG". Most of you morons didn't even like "UFC fighting" until TUF. For my real mma fans, love you guys :yes:
  4. The Invincible UTT

    GO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l

    HOOK EM BABY!!!!!
  5. The Invincible UTT

    BHop wants HW Gold after RJJ! I'd love to see BHop win a piece of HW gold, just dont think he can stand Haye's power, especially over 1 yr from now. Thoughts?
  6. The Invincible UTT

    Anyone else watching Stargate Universe?

    I was a big fan of Stargate. Didnt care too much for Atlantis though. I love the seriousness and darkness of Universe. The cameos of O'niel are pwn also. Thoughts?
  7. The Invincible UTT

    Alan Moore, and "Watchmen" are awful.

    I have not once ever, EVER seen or read any of Alan Moore's work (EXCEPT FOR "The Killing Joke," which was excellent) that didn't make me cringe with embarrassment that it even existed. For all of you "oh you just don't get it!!!!!!!!1111111111oneoneone" clowns, let me assure you that I do in...
  8. The Invincible UTT

    Helio Gracie just passed away

    Just reported from my Brazilian source. RIP
  9. The Invincible UTT

    Lafayette is gonna be a vampire next season on True Blood!!!!!

    Think about it. 1. He makes the show fucking good so I'm sure the directors wanted him to be involved more. 2. When we saw his feet in Andy's car, they werent decomposed or anything. That's about all I have. I'm not sure who would've attacked him though. Couldnt have been Bill...
  10. The Invincible UTT

    Yall wanna make a lot of money?....

    Check out the odds for Margarito vs Cotto. Margarito takes this won via vicious KO. Everyone knows that Changos cant take a punch like a Mejicano!!!!
  11. The Invincible UTT

    Don't drink cow milk..

    Its bad for you. Has lots of hormones and puss in it. Plus its not meant for human consumption. Milk is produced by mammals in order to make a small animal large. Cow milk is meant to make a baby calf into a 400+lbs animal. But you will never hear this b/c the dairy lobbiests are...
  12. The Invincible UTT

    Basketball is the gayest sport ever

    Too many fouls and gay shit like that. I think soccer is even better.
  13. The Invincible UTT

    Anyone putting $$$ of UFC this weekend?

    I was thinking of putting a shitload of money on Hendo. Even though I'm pretty sure he's gonna win, my fear though is that age, wear and tear may get the better of him. So I'm not betting on that fight at all. The Okami/Tanner fight though is easy money. I just put $200 on Okami which doesnt...
  14. The Invincible UTT

    Sherdog forums actually make you dumber, study finds

    Sherdog forums actually make you dumber, study finds Written by Dundas Saturday, 16 February 2008 DUSSELDORF, Germany -- Even brief exposure to the discussion forums at the popular mixed martial arts Web site can permanently devastate brain function and lead to rapidly...
  15. The Invincible UTT

    Any of u guys ever watch Pros vs Joes

    Ive been watching clips on Youtube where the Joes get pwned. But has there ever been a instance where a Pro gets pwned? Some of the Joes are former All Americans, so I can see it happening.
  16. The Invincible UTT

    WTF??!?! how did *** submit ***!??!

    how did that happen? 1st round?!?!??!!!!
  17. The Invincible UTT

    I'm thinking of buying this car...

    Thoughts? I test drove one the other day and fell in love with it.
  18. The Invincible UTT

    Guess what .... Liddell fucking sucks still. Silva is "shot"

    For all you dumbfucks that think Chuck is back, well sorry to tell you, but Silva is fucking shot. Many of you only know about mma and dont know shit about fighting sports so let me tell you what "shot" means" Shot is when a fighter deteriorates to the point where he is no longer the same...
  19. The Invincible UTT

    Official Celebrity Apprentice Discussion Thread

    I follow every season of the Apprentice and this probably has to be the best one yet. Every candidate has been successful with some even being icons in their respective industries. It will be interesting to see the interactions between these celebrities and the Trump family. The first...
  20. The Invincible UTT

    Mayweather Sr. on MMA and PBF..(funny) The Mayweather family is celebrating the New Year with that special kind of the love. For the last few years, trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr., and pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., have carried on a public feud in the media and on...