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  1. NutShot

    Two dikes gets McServed!

    Dont worry they deserved it, also this guy got no jail tiime. Lovely!
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    "Why you gotta hit me with tha belt"

    This kid called Steven Jo annoys his father to a point that he picks up a babyseat and beats him with it...
  3. NutShot

    GOW Board game Video! seems pretty cool even tho im to old for this shit! lol
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    Chilling at the pub and wondering what your fav beer is?

    Mine is a Swedish beer called Mariestads and also Carlsberg Hof. I like the after taste, it tastes like good weed. lol Im no expert on beers but since i like it and want to test some new ones i would like you guys to say your favorite beers (Not so famous ones def apreciated)
  5. NutShot

    What are the big names now in K-1?

    When i stopped watching Hoost and Aerts were the shit and Bonjasky the new big name. So has anything changed and if so what are the names winning titles nowadays?
  6. NutShot

    SubmissionArtist in house!

    been a member here for a long time but went underground long time ago, some of you loved me, some of you hated me. Anyways im back! :wink:
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    U-20 Soccer world cup in Colombia?

    Anyone following it? If so what team do guys think will win it and who is the up n comer player?
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  9. NutShot

    best game ever!
  10. NutShot

    Musical Gorilla!!
  11. NutShot

    man fight kids PART 2!!

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  12. NutShot

    4 guys playing on the same chello... :popcorn:
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    Man in White frontin like Tony Montana...

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    2 Babes FLASHING! (Funny kid @ the background)

    ha ha! Watch the kid in the backgound. <table><tr><td><embed allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="internal" enableJSURL="false" src="" width="425" height="339" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
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  17. NutShot

    Giraff in quicksand...

    The various stages of acceptance when stuck in quicksand. We love Robot Chicken
  18. NutShot

    Gracie Barra gear?

    i wonder if you guys know any webshop that sells gracie Barra gears so i can order? i have been to the Brazilian one, but i don't know if i can make a order to Europe from there?