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    wwe action figures payout ?

    do low mid card guys and former company talent even make money off their figures. going thru stores yesterday I noticed Mojo Rawley and Neville figures
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    so i watched Luis ortiz vs Malik scott

    what the fuck happened to heavyweights. first thing Malik scott spent early rounds falling to the canvas without being punched he was also moving away to often without throwing punches. Luis proved that he is a power puncher who can not handle an opponent who counter fight. scott actually...
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    today in mma history

    ufc 4 happened 21 years ago today. still fun to remember Dan Severn Suplexing Anthony Macias and I might rewatch the whole event. Steve Jennum was lucky to have hurt his hand va Melton Bowen. it saved mr cop from having to become another victim of the Beast
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    french kickboxer and thai fighters

    who are the best from France ?. all I know of are Jerome Le Banner and Cheick Kongo
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    Stoic can anyone give me a review

    im thinking of buying the movie and know its based on a real life killing
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    sons of anarchy season 5

    after last nights episode i want to say thank you to Ryan Hurst for doing such a great Job playing "opie" he went out fighting. soa will not be the same without the Opie\Jax bound. ope had one of the best kills EVER when he blow out June Stahls brains with a semi automatic back in season 3
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    vitali klitschko vs manuel charr was on hbo yesterday but i was not around and missed it

    were any fights showen besides klit\charr, from what ive read this ended up being the usual one sided vitali match total domination
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    i hate ryback

    wasent he skip shefield from nexus i liked him better then. this bill goldberg 2,0 gimmick is very bad
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    i watched it yesterday. Blake liively was the main reason i watched this but overall the movie was good . blake,s character o is in a 3 way relationship with 2 guys. one of them is an iraq war vetran and a major badass while other guy is more laid back. selma hyack was great too as the cartel...
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    the cw network is run by fucking idiots

    i cant believe that network cancelled the secret circle after such a great season one finale. i was looking forward to new directions everyone would go in storyline wise for season 2. btw show was about witches some good some evil Ringer got canned too after only 1 season
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    another bob sapp fight happening why do promotions pay this guy

    on may 19th sapp vs soa palelei is scheduled to happen at cfc 21 in australia.i think everyone knows sapp is there only for the money and will tap after the first punch or sub atempt. but hay in advance congratulations to soa on geting another win
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    Rob zombie should remake twilight as a horror movie

    i love the trailer trash mentality he gives alot of his movie characters.imagine how much fun edward and bella would be as foul mouth evil sluts.they start out both as killers who meet while going after the same victim bella\edward love only each other and want everyone else dead.they kill for...
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    i hate r truth on the mic

    his talking skills r VERY BAD,the guy always comes off trying to sound funny with really stupid jokes and repets the little jimmy line to much
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    chris leben vs vitor belfort who wins

    over at the internet movie database on the tuf forum someone brought up this fantasy match.i think vitor could be the favorite going in due to more hand speed but leben has a harder punch i would hope chris pulled out the win some how
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    floyd mayweather vs victor ortiz september 17th

    i was looking at the schedule over at and it apears mayweather is comeing back to fight another guy not named pac is probley to fast\technical to lose this, but ill lol if victor ends up wining by BRUTAL KO.
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    david haye vs wladmir klitscho is signed for july 2nd

    it would be agood birthday wish come true if haye gets KTFO REAL BAD.but i think haye wil make up some fake injurey to get out of this fight.people can call the klits boreing but THEY WIN
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    american heavyweights

    what in the fuck happened to heavyweight boxing in the united states it is so bad
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    get ready for more bad remakes and seqels

    i was just over at and this is some list of a few shity remakes comeing out this summer or early next year final destination 5 [let this franchise die already] connan the barbrian [this classics is about to be ruined] the thing fright night [nooooooooo]
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    for any of you who care about the titan former kotc super heavyweight champ

    jimmy ambriz will be fighting for tpf in lemoore california on on december 2 also john alessio and james irvin will be on the card
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    clifford ettiene ceerer highlights

    what were his best fights. i only know of his loses to fres oquendo mike tyson and valuev then cliff ended up going back to prison.