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    Colby Covington, UFC president Dana White visit Donald Trump in Oval Office

    So...much...vomit worthy scum fuckery.
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    R.I.P. MMAastakillah

    Ninja - any chance you can find that highlight video he made of Wandy?
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    R.I.P. MMAastakillah

    Great stuff, Ninja. His brother, Wandy4Life, was telling me about how much he loved the forum and how he would reference our screen names like we were real people - before we all became real people to each other. The Jason DeLuca thing was beyond epic. lol
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    R.I.P. MMAastakillah

    Wait, who else did we lose? Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm afraid of the answer...
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    R.I.P. MMAastakillah

    As those of you who I am friends with on fb already know, our dear friend and OG of the forum, MMAstahkiller was tragically killed in a car accident last night. I am gutted over this, ninjabros. While I haven't been very active in the forum over the last half dozen years or so, I've stayed in...
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    Stipe Miocic VS Francis Ngannou UFC Championship Fight Prediction

    Agree with the sentiment that Stipe typically gets touched, and when this dude touches you, you sleep. Most likely France finally gets a champ. If Stipe can survive the first couple rounds, he could wear the big man out though. Will be fun to watch.
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    the worst fighter youve ever seen

    Gilles Arsene is by far the worst "fighter" I have ever seen. Some scrub with one fight against a fellow tomato can who they put in there as an easy win for poor Saku when he was on a stretch where he had to fight Cro Cop, Wand twice, and that 1st Schembri fight. This dude was horrifically...
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    How can you guys not like Sonnen??

    What is up with all the old ass threads getting bumped? lol
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    Yo word up

    Fuck Jones, Fuck Trump. Couple of liars and cheaters.
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    told yall

    You guys are right on with Cerrone. He loves to be the lead dog but turns cur when a bigger alpha steps up.
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    Delivery drones are coming: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping with Amazon Prime Air

    It's an Amazon world and you plebes are just living in it.
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    Gerald Harris Released From The UFC

    War Harris!
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    Lyoto Machida confident he can make another run at UFC middleweight title

    Machida's time has past. He always depended on his quick reflexes and reaction time to stay just out of reach and still be able to counter. Skills like that are among the first to erode. He should protect his health and bow out at least after his next loss, if not now.
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    UFC 217 Bisping vs GSP

    How fitting that the paperist of champions lost his title to a welterweight who hadn't fought in 4 years. Sometimes I really love this ultimate fighting stuff.
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    GOAT = GSP

    Incredible performance by the GOAT. Came out like he had never been away and picked up Bisping's timing in like what, a minute? By the end of the first round I figured it was going to be a washout. But then GSP unexpectedly started getting tired at the end of the second round. After taking...