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  • Sedona Method is based on the fact that our thoughts are connected to our feelings but we pretend we don't have feelings. We don't want to look at them. We think they're more powerful then us and if we let them go we'll be weakened by them. Fear tells us that if we stop fearing something than that thing will happen to us. Anger tell us that if we hold onto anger we're getting revenge on the other person, or we're protecting ourself from future problems with someone/something. It's all a lie though. Sedona Method Release Technique(In Ninjastash) shows a full seminar on releasing. It shows real people learning how to release in a simple and quick way. The first example is a guy releasing anger towards one of his co-workers. It's around the 40 minute mark of the first video if you don't want to watch the introduction.
    its all good bruv, i love this site and think highly of most on here so when i get negged
    for some crap reason then i get annoyd.

    anyways peace dude.
    lol did i piss off your bf??? did he go mincing over to you and moan about me????

    negs are good within reason, i dont mind getting them if its valid, but somebody just does it coz i didnt agree with their opinion then thats sad.

    lol anyway who the fuck goes round telling everyone to neg me, i have had many pms from peeps telling this fag is trying to get a gang on me,lolz thats pathetic dude, and you are the only one who has stepped up on his behalf.lolz

    run your own account and dont worry about others dude.

    ; )
    I get where you're coming from bro. Atleast I think I do. I been thinking about this and how many times I talked about this kid to my friends alot.
    I don't think this is going to help my search for employment... good thing the weed does
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