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    Retired ex-champ B.J. Penn wants Nik Lentz at UFC 197, heads to Jackson-Wink MMA

    I sense more domestic violence in BJs future - and then a CTE diagnosis from his doctor
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    R.I.P. MMAastakillah

    goddamn - RIP old mate - one of the true originals
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    Fighter refuses to punch his unconscious opponent

    Something like that. Axe kick to the jewels or something? Or was it the knee to the pills from guard I'm thinking of.
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    Fighter refuses to punch his unconscious opponent

    Would it be within the rules for the guy to do a two foot stomp on the other guys chest
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    Holm fights before rousey

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    Lawler vs Condit

    I thought Condit won pretty convincingly.
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    Why the Most Successful People Have the Most Haters

    Daco just basically follows his pet posters around the forum insulting them. That's his thing.
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    Nate Diaz says UFC Told Him Conor McGregor Fight 'Is on'

    Jesus fucking Christ his name is Conor. How many ways do you American bell-ends have to spell one single name.
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    Last movie you watched

    Revenant - beautifully shot. Watched it with the Hollywood hype still in my mind so it didn't pay off immediately. Will watch it again and will probably enjoy it more.
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    Last movie you watched

    good yeah?
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    Minding a house near Bondi Beach. Currently sitting on the balcony drinking G&Ts and playing some old school choons. "Best of" of : White Lion, David Bowie, Cold Chisel, Police, Van Halen, Pantera Also in the mix: Kingdom of Giants, Hands Like Houses, Austrian Death Machine, Beartooth, Crown...
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    Last movie you watched

    I heard good things, but then I saw who was in it. Could Tarantino PLEASE stop casting the same people in his movies? He was interesting when he was bringing old actors back from oblivion, so do it again.
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    Joe Rogan getting pwnd on his own show

    well thank goodness they overlaid that text otherwise I would have had zero idea how Joe was feeling right at that moment THANKS TO CAVEMAN COFFEE AND THE ONNIT ACADEMY
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    Joe Rogan getting pwnd on his own show

    The only time he grates is when he jumps on people (Steve-O, Judah Friedlander) for being vegan or having an opinion about gun control. Otherwise - have as many fuckin' ads as you want. My podcast app has a function that lets you start after the Caveman Coffee spiel anyway.