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    Fight's of the Night

    Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of the fights of the night, the submissions of the night and the KO of the night. I am trying to find a complete list from when these bonuses started. Thanks for anyone who responds in an intelligent manner.
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    Google Lucid dreaming and you will find a site called LD4ALL. It will teach anyone anything they want to know about dreaming especially Lucid Dreaming. I have been Lucid Dreaming for the past year. It is like having another life. But if you Drink or smoke chronic it stops you from remembering...
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    *Official* NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

    Looks like Spurs vs Pistons again to me.
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    Your favourite Non Alcoholic drink?!?

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    Giant centipede's eating bats and mice *vids*

    Oh no. My most hated enemy the centipede. In my old apt. we got House centipedes. Disgusting and fast as hell. Anybody got vids of animals killing centipedes I would love to see those disgusting creatures getting what they deserve.
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    Any NFL Draft fans?

    Hell Yeah, Buccaneers pick number 4 Calvin Johnson.
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    Thanks, But my gf got me the box set of this for My birthday last year. Plus the box set of Evangelion.
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    Girls dead twin sister lives in the mirror

    I guess i am too old school. I have no cool software and I rank about 2 out of 10 on the know how scale.
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    Anyone reads Harry Potter?!?

    Looked around on the site and during the week. When I have time I am going th read Villain of the Piece.
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    Anyone reads Harry Potter?!?

    Thanks i will def check it out. You say they are good right? What would you recommend?
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    Girls dead twin sister lives in the mirror

    Damn I am trying to figure out how they do it.
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    Do you belive in ghosts

    I believe in ghosts. I do not believe that they are someones soul trapped here after death however. They could be any type of entity.
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    Anyone reads Harry Potter?!?

    Never heard of it. Is it like short stories all about Snape?
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    how to settle a divorce and get the "half" that you want.

    That's sweet. Now if only I could find a way to saw off the top of my girlfriend and keep the good part.