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    You guys didn't tell me about nxt

    if wwe really wanted to be a talked about wrestling org again they would go back to adult edge storylines and sign tons of guys from CZW and IWA mid south
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    You guys didn't tell me about nxt

    at happens I mean remember when TNA was signing anybody who used to work for wwe. btw not saying I was a fan or hater of Mahabali shera
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    Ongoing Pro Wrestling Discussion

    smackdown had around 36 minutes of in ring which is again way to few for a two hour wrestling show. hated see Sarah Logan job to charlotte, it was fun seeing Owens\zayn beat down berin corbin. every match was short but ring work from everyone looked decent
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    Ronda Rousey is becoming a pro wrestler

    her getting bood tells me at least the live crowed knows a lie when they see one. Ronda's mic skills will kill her wwe "career" best thing would be to pair her with Paul Heyman
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    Mario Yamasaki story (Good read about a good referee)

    another Jon Hess fan i see
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    Tai Tuivasa: "Fuck, this division is boring"

    never have seen or herd of Tuivasa but I do like the way he talks openly and honest about the timid way a lot of ufc guys fight. it is the truth
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    Ricardo Mayorga wins MMA debut

    Mayorga fought three more times and was submitted twice. in the street those rnc's and armbars would have been held until Mayorga was dead or walking around with a broken arm
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    Ronda Rousey is becoming a pro wrestler

    pg female version will suck shit
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    CM Punk

    pay me the kind of $ punk got in his first fight and I will face punk and let him "knock me out" like he did to Ray Mysterio once with a high kick. yes me with a cabbage like chin will have to fake a ko
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    CM Punk

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    Ongoing Pro Wrestling Discussion

    Elias scored a pin on cena after stroman hit him with a power slam but got pushed outside. Braun then went back in the ring and power slammed both guys multiple times
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    Ongoing Pro Wrestling Discussion

    Riot squad are not only beautiful but mostly talented in the ring. love that hand stand knee drop move Sarah Evens does. fucking that women would be a great night
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    New DVDs Thread

    God Bless America [weird a shooting movie gets listed as comedy] check point [Bill Goldberg and Kenny Johnson action film]
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    wwe action figures payout ?

    not being paid while you are currently wrestling is such a bullshit move if true. their is almost no reason guys should even want action figures of themselves made if they make no money. typical corporation attitude vince and company caring only about themselves
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    Netflix recommendations other than movies

    a few great Netflix original series I have been watching Bojack Horseman - a former tv star goes thru bitter yet funny shit in day to day life and complaining the whole time 10\10 great adult anime Atypical- Sam an 18 year old with Autism decides it's time he finds a girlfriend. almost every...