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  • Ackee and Salt fish with roast breadfruit, boiled banana, yam and dumpling! Yard food brethren. Felt so sorry for them bowlers, they got humiliated.
    I picked Sonnen to win their first fight and came within 3 minutes of being right. I wouldnt be surprised if the fight went similar to that one, but I'm leaning towards Silva Round 3 TKO
    Besides the Windies just beat the Australians.... breaking a chain of 13 consecutive loses. :(
    India playing on the subcontinent is a joke. Feather bed pitches that allows your batsmen to play freely but once they get pitches where there is swing and bounce they don't look that good anymore apart from one or two.
    What they win? Are they playing on the Subcontinent? If they are then it doesn't count.
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