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    Shane West is Bane

    Ha.. Shane West's Bane looks like a character from MK..... Looks awful.... Shane West's was in league on extraordinary gentlemen and was also in Salem.. excellent show... Was in a bunch of other stuff too
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    Luke Cage ...

    Luke Cage is the SHIZNIT
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    Luke Cage ...

    Everytime he's on screen with his girlfriend it creeps the shit out of me... theyre creepy together
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    Luke Cage ...

    King Mo??? From bellator???
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    Luke Cage ...

    Is anyone else watching? Good show... but am I the only one who thinks that everytime Juice from SOA and that old bag are in the scene together it's creepy as fuck....
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    Conor McGregor taken out of NYC police station in handcuffs.

    He's a piece of shit.. and so is dana... dana is loving this... Connor an do anything he wants and he'll never get fired from ufc
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    Ferguson out! Max Holloway to challenge Khabib

    I'm waiting for Khabib to miss weight again
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    Mayweather is training MMA

    I've been hearing joek for mod for yrs lol....
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    Mayweather is training MMA

    He ain't fighting... just doing all this training to get ppl talking about him again for whatever the reason
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    Anyone get the Samsung Galaxy S8?

    Dies anyone else think that the phone isn't all that edgy? Just a small edge on both sides.... I think the Note series have bigger edges
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    Kodi - who uses this?

    I love my Kodi.... use it for everything everyday almost
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    New PS4 neo coming out?

    I'm pissed... I'm sure many others are too... better graffix and faster processor. ... ps4 games gonna be obsolete when neo comes out........ and I just got uncharted 4 for cryin out loud
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    New PS4 neo coming out?

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    New PS4 neo coming out?

    Anyone gonna buy the new system from PlayStation when it comes out in few months even though u bought a ps4??
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    Blackberri PRIV

    Nerds on mopeds...... so anyone have thoughts on the Priv?