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    Ronda Rousey is becoming a pro wrestler

    Translation I lost my belt again and now I'm gonna pout and cry into my cock shaped pillow I got from ceunchie and make a few shitty movies until the wwe drops my contract
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    Magic The Gathering

    Card flipping is teh gay
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    Squirrel's Auction Watch thread

    No panties? AMD they call it a collection.
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    Randy Orton Tribute thread

    Omfg I could sit through that fuck it idc if i see it. I hope you get aids for posting that vid you shit head
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    Random MMA social media dump thread

    I mean....was there any doubt? You just have to listen to him speak to know that it's all true.
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    WWE Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees Thread

    Must've been a shawn Michaels fan or Vince played the long game and paid him to do it for when he left the WWF and broke all that shit and spit on vince
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    MMA Events: April, 2019

    They haven't tested him yet
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    Your Wife's a Towel!

    Connors gonna end up whacked
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    Last movie you watched

    More than usual?
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    One Championship app

    Did she get cunt punched?
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    More Hilarious Megalomania from Conor

    Should have made the sammich and opened the beer