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    Says the out of work fighter
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    More Hilarious Megalomania from Conor

    That's just what old Irish folk sound like
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    Khama Worthy

    I would rather die than be saved by her. Also I trust the fires integrity way more than yours and your he laid down bullshit. You dont get KO of the night if your opponent lays down you fucking cunt
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    Khama Worthy

    Stfu sub zero. Nobody actually likes you here. Fucking hater, shit life having liberal commie whining bronie scum
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    Khama Worthy

    He got the performance of the night bonus as well
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    get ready for more bad remakes and seqels

    But not fat anymore
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    The Welsh aren't people
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    Combate Americas now ‘the No. 2 MMA promotion’ after latest ratings coup, aims target on UFC

    This just in Tito out with neck issues from verbally agreeing