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    AA should fight Monson or Rashad, Mirko should FIght Sylvia and Coture and FEDOR i want to see that rematch
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    Diaz comments on Gomi

    Cant wait to see this fight i know that Gomi will win it should be a title fight though
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    Matt Hughes talks about why he lost to GSP

    The Reasons he lost was that 1.) GSP wanted it more 2.) Is a better fighter
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    Mirko not coming to UFC 67 post event press conference

    I think it is humorous how he does that to the ufc, It makes him seem above alot of the other fighters and the org. you can really really tell all he did it for was the money. Mirko ( The soldier of Fortune) "CroCop"
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    My fedor emelianenko t-shirt design

    Thats pretty kickass
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    Xbox360, Wii, PS3 ?

    I would really have to take the xbox 360, Its way better than the wii game wise and i hate everything about wiis controls. The pS3 i dont even know what they were thinking its one of those hey lets take all we need for a good console and then times all that by two then add even more, its...
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    Eddie Sanchez: "I am going to KO Cro Cop in the Second Round!"

    i guess you should have confidence when going into a fight but thats a little much. Cro cop by Death
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    Gomi vs Nick Diaz who wins?

    It should be a title fight and i think that Takanori will own Diaz, At least i hope but if he doesnt... Well i can see why its not a title fight now if Diaz did get lucky and get the belt he would never shut up he is bad enough now i hope gomi owns him
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    Babalu v Lambert UFC 68

    This card is all people coming out of retirement, i really dont even want to get it i am pretty sure it is just for mainstream and ufc fans
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    Do you think booing has negative effects on fighters' plans?

    For younger fighters i think it effects them alot more than a more experienced fighter, but it really just has to do with this 1.) how strong they are mentally and 2.)Should they be booing i can see why the crowd booed during the sylvia monson fight
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    how will herring do in the UFC?

    i would love to see that fight but arlovski needs one more tune up fight at least
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    Paul Buentello vs. Kimbo Slice In Negotiations...

    i would love to see paul knockout Kimbo i absolutley hate that guy
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    Who is your favorite fighter?

    Gomi,Arlovski,Hordecki,Jason Mayhem Miller
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    Franklin vs MacDonald Confirmed

    It will be a very fun match to watch a say macdonald has a chance just not a very good one. But anything can happen
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    '07 Breakout Stars