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    The Ship

    Bumping this cause you can play it for free this weekend. If you have steam installed, just download the game from there.
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    wigi board?

    I bought one about a year ago for 20 bucks at toys r us. It was brand new, and it glows in the dark!!! Never worked for me and my friends...its bullshit.
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    teh games you play the most

    Scarface is pretty sweet. Other than that: Counter strike source and winning eleven 9.
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    The Ship

    Played the free mod for halflife, but not the version for hl2. Not that bad but I got bored with it after a couple of days of playing it. It's an online game where you're on a cruise ship and you're given a name of a person you must kill, but theres someone else trying to kill you too.
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    strange worm

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    WEC: The Hitman Tonight

    Wow Sims by triangle.
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    Offical UFC 62 site.-. (looks good) .-.

    As much as I like Babalu, I hope to God that Chuck KO's him so Wandy vs Chuck can happen.
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    is coleman really back in the UFC?

    No...if he was really back with the UFC everyone would know by now...I would think, anyway.
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    I can't imagine it being easy at all to find a replacement with like what...1-2 days notice? I think they did better with Ruben than Kimo. Ruben fought Don Frye to a draw recently. What exactly has Kimo done in the past few years?
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    Jackass 2 Trailer
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    FOXSports Badass Athletes Poll

    Is FoxSports going to even make this poll a big deal on tv? I don't see the point, really. If it's just gonna get like a minute of air time, I don't see the point. Tyson, in reality, should fucking destroy this poll.
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    Street Meat Kinda fucked up...bunch of random clips put together to make a story with Shaq, Olsen Twins, and Charles Bronson. I thought it was hilarious. Shaq plays a pimp btw...
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    Ken Shamrock knocked out by a pro wrestler

    Looked like he pissed Vader off...Ken looked like he was actually hitting Vader and not trying to fake his punches like you should in wrestling. He deserved it.
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    The Ultimate Compilation

    Found this posted on a different forum. Basically a compilation of extreme/funny/fight videos with some decent music in the background for about 35 minutes. Sorry if it's been posted before.
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    Listening to a lot of old Primus lately, especially "Welcome to this World" Love that damn song...