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    miss you guys

    lol, i read it. whats going on man?
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    miss you guys

    i think youre serious
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    miss you guys

    where the OGs at?
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    Wand's story is clearly bullshit

    :( that looked really bad
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    Nick Diaz talks about how wearing pink is not cool

    nick diaz seems cool as fuck when he's drunk. hes another story when he's stoned and paranoid.
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    Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown set for July 26

    dont count brown out, this guy impresses me every time. im actually picking him over lawler. i feel he's more strong minded, he just need to get past the first couple minutes and he should be alright.
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    niceeeee :)
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    Wand holding delicious dish.

    long time no see :)
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    Wand holding delicious dish.

    wand looks like a beasttttt
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    florian and laranja bringing heat!

    renatch is hilarious, and a movie quoting machine. lister is huge, saw him at the metamoris after party, and he's giant, but he's a really nice, cool dude.
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    Jones cites Gracies for shoulder lock

    my coach taught me this a while back, he calls it "the pluto armbar"
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    Khabib Nurmagomedov calls out the Diaz brothers

    this guy is a g. he was fighting bears on his free time at 5 years old