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Ninjashoes Top Ten

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1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Brock Lesnar
3. Frank Mir
4. Antonio Nogueira
5. Junior Dos Santos
6. Shane Carwin
7. Brett Rogers
8. Andrei Arlovski
9. Fabricio Werdum
10. Cain Velasquez

Notables: Barnett, Overeem

Fedor is still at #1 after the defeat of #6 Brett Rogers. Rogers showed a little moxy, but wasnít able to pull off the upset. Brock is still in a holding pattern due to having a hole in his intestine. As long as thereís hope heís going to fight,heíll remain at #2.
Frank Mir has bulked up considerably and looked very dangerous dismantling Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 in the first round. #5 Nogueria wonít fight until Feb against hot prospect Cain Velasquez which will be a good guage to see if Velasquez is ready to make a run for the title. Shane Carwin still sits on the shelf due to his bout with Lesnar being canceled. Arlovski is in talks with Strikeforce, where he would make a nice addition. Fabricio Werdums win over Bigfoot Silva keeps him still relevant and still
in contention for a possible match up with #1, Fedor.

Light heavy weight
1. Mauricio Rua
2. Lyoto Machida
3. Rashad Evans
4. Quinton Jackson
5. Gegard Mousasi
6. Antonio Noguiera
7. Forrest Griffin
8. Luiz Cane
9. Thiago Silva
10. Keith Jardine

Notables: Couture, Sobral, Franklin

Shogunís performance against unbeaten Lyoto Machida earns him the top spot but not the coveted belt, as the judges saw the fight differently then the fans.

Rashad wonít get his shot at Quinton Jackson due to a remake of the cult classic,íA-Teamí but will get to sharpen his teeth on #9 Thiago Silva. Someoneís 1 has got to goÖDoesnít have the same ring to it.
#5 Gegard Mousasi fought and beat the unranked,Predator Sokoudjou in a surprisingly competitive bout. He still remains the best LHW outside of the UFC. With Strikeforces recent acquisitions (Manhoef, Henderson) weíll get to see him tested more. #6 Antonio Noguiera displayed a dominate performance against unranked #8 Luiz Cane knocking him out in 2 minutes, awesome debut. Forrest Griffin put on yet another workman-like performance to take out Tito who after the fight said he needed another 18 months to properly recouperate. #10 Jardine has a fight coming up in Febuary to both try to stay relevant in the top ten and stay in the UFC as it could possibly be his dreaded 3rd loss in a row.

1. Anderson Silva
2. Nate Marquardt
3. Dan Henderson
4. Vitor Belfort
5. Jake Shields
6. Demian Maia
7. Chael Sonnen
8. Mamed Khalidov
9. Jorge Santiago
10. Yushin Okami

Notables: Akiyama, Milller, Lawler, Misaki

Anderson remains at #1. Dan Henderson has officially moved to Strikeforce. It looks as if Strikeforce is getting more talent so if he keeps on winning, he should remain high in the top ten.
Nate Marquardt hasnít fought since Augustís 21 second KO against #5 Demian Maia but is scheduled to take on #7 Chael Sonnen at UFC 109. Vitor Belfort remains in a holding pattern due to Silva having surgery. Looks like Belfort will wait his turn instead of remaining active.
Jorge Santiago got KOíd in the first round against unheralded Mamed Khalidov in a non-titled bout. Yushin Okamiís big comeback sputtered out as he lost his return bout to Chael Sonnen.While Jake Shields put in 5 hard fought rounds against ĎMayhemí Miller to win the vacant Strikeforce Middleweight title.

1. Georges Pierre
2. Jon Fitch
3. Thiago Alves
4. Paulo Thiago
5. Josh Koscheck
6. Matt Hughes
7. Dan Hardy
8. Karo Parisyan
9. Marius Zaromskis
10. Hayato Sakurai

Notables: Diaz, Kim, Hathaway

GSP stays at #1 while the other contend for the right to get beat by him. Jon Fitch is slowly working up to a rematch, hedefeats Mike Pierce at UFC 107.#3 Thiago Alves was supposed to take on Fitch but is still out with an injury.#4 Thiago and #5 Koscheck will fight at UFC 109 to win the right to who gets to talk shit about GSP next.#6 Matt Hughes is rumored to fight another Gracie, Renzo, but it appears his days
at #1 on the list are gone he may very well take Karoís unofficial gatekeeper role as #7 Karo wonít see any action in the UFC for awhile, and should drop off gradually due to inactivity. Hopefully he can get his life together. #8 Marius Zaromskis has been making a lot of noise over in Japan as his last 3 fights have been won with help from a head kick. He signed a deal with Strikeforce to he can get some exposure in the States. Dan Hardy has been making noise too, but itís because some feel he doesnít deserve a shot at GSP, which he is rumored to be getting. Hayato Sakurai hasnít fought since getting headkicked by #8 Zaromskis. Maybe rumors about his being over the hill were a bit premature due to Zaromskis becoming the next big thing at 170. Sakurai needs another fight to show us.

1. BJ Penn
2. Shinya Aoki
3. Eddie Alvarez
4. Tatsuya Kawajiri
5. Kenny Florian
6. Joachim Hansen
7. Gesias Calvancanti
8. Mizuto Hirota
9. Gray Maynard
10. Diego Sanchez

Notables: Edgar, Thomson, Melendez,

Penn dominated Sanchez at 107. Aoki still hold claim to #2. He has a fight coming up at Dynamite!!2009 against Crusher #4. Joachim Hansen hasnít fought since getting beat by Aoki and has nothing
scheduled. Gesias Calvancanti hasnít won in his last 3 fights, but they were all against fighters ranked higher than him so he keeps his spot until someone gets a dominate win. Kenny Florian couldnít take down the champ but he begins his comeback with a impressive win over Clay Guida. Mizuto Hirota has yet to defend his Sengoku LW belt since he won it in August.#9 . Maynard keeps beating name opponents while
waiting for a shot a the big time. He will take on unranked Nate Diaz at UFC Fight Night 20 in January.

1. Jose Aldo
2. Mike Brown
3. Uriah Faber
4. Takeshi Inoue
5. Hatsu Hioki
6. Masanori Kanehara
7. Michihiro Omigawa
8. Mackens Semerzier
9. Wagnney Fabiano
10. Bibiano Fernandes

Aldo takes the belt with his win over Mike Brown and the top spot.

1. Brian Bowles
2. Miguel Torres
3. Masakatsu Ueda
4. Takeya Mizugaki
5. Akitoshi Tamura
6. Dominick Cruz
7. Joseph Benavidez
8. Rani Yahya
9. Damacio Page
10. Koetsu Okazaki

Bowles with his upset over Torres moves him to the top though I expect Torres to take back his belt in the rematch.

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  1. MMAsterkillah's Avatar
    Nog should ALWAYS be #2. ALWAYS.
  2. Soul Position's Avatar
    I agree, and a total bias here, but Nog. should definitely be number 2.
  3. killemall's Avatar
    it's funny to see brock at #2, how times change
  4. guerillaslaved's Avatar
    Nog doesn't lose fights, he just run's out of time.
  5. Sandman's Avatar
    2-10 doesnt matter. Fedor wears the daddy pants