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An Interview with KJ Noons

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KJ Noons has flashed his enormous potential in the early stages of his fighting career. Noons is arguably the most prominent MMA fighter to have a legitimate professional boxing record to his name. This man is surely not Art Jimmerson as KJ is patiently attempting to become a champion in each sport. Since 2004, KJ has been successfully juggling the responsibilities that come with one's lofty goals in two different sports. After almost a two year absence from MMA, KJ finally returns to the sport, making his debut in DREAM on March 23. He isn't ready to give up boxing , either.

Q: Years ago (2005) you won an "award" for "best striker" prospect from PRIDEFC, can you explain how this came about and what type of "audition" it was?

A: By accident, I went for fun. And we sparred and fought different people to show our skills.

Q: Obviously your potential was spotted early on, but why was it that you were never able to reach an agreement with DSE (PRIDE)?

A: I fought for Pride for a year on different shows but never in actually Pride. I went to boxing after my 3 fights I had with them.

Q: KJ, you have spent a lot of time in your career juggling the responsibilities of being a professional boxer (4 fights in 2009) with the responsibilities of your MMA career (7-2 overall), what are your goals for each respective sport, and do you have a time line in mind for accomplishing these goals?

A: My goal is to hold a world title in both and sports and just be the best athlete I can be.

Q: How often do you train MMA as opposed to boxing , are you still training at City Boxing?

A: I train at every gym that has good guys. I still train at City Boxing too. It depends what fight I have coming up, and I'll dedicate all my time to either boxing or MMA.

Q: Do you think that James Toney will succeed in MMA due to his great boxing skills or is he too far behind when it comes to grappling?

A: He can be good, as long as he takes the sport serious and trains the ground like he is suppose too.

Q: Billy Evangelista withdrew from your scheduled matchup at Strikeforce: Miami in January, so you are now fighting Andre Dida at Dream 13 later this month, what do you think of that match-up, and of fighting in Japan for the first time?

A: I am really excited to fight in Japan for the first time, because I have never been there. I think the Dida matchup is a very exciting fight for me and the fans, there should be a lot of fireworks!

Q: How would you rank your technical striking abilities in comparison to other very successful MMA strikers such as Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, BJ Penn etc.?

A: I love watching those guys fight and I think I have the same ability and talent, I just have to get out there and prove it and let people see.

Q: After you defeated Nick Diaz in November 2007, there has been quite the demand among fans for a rematch, is this something you are interested in, especially considering Nick has talked trash since you beat him?

A: Yes, that is in the works with Strikeforce.

Q: Have you ever been in contact with the UFC, is that something you would be interested in or does your boxing career prohibit such a binding contract?

A: Boxing prohibits it, and I'm dedicated to Strikeforce.

Q: Who do you consider the best Lightweight fighter and P4P fighter in MMA, respectively?

A: I think Jose Aldo or Anderson Silva.

Q: Do you want to fight the winner of Aoki-Melendez or do you want a few tune-ups before something like that (assuming the Dida fight goes as planned)?

A: I want to fight whoever Strikeforce wants me to fight and I want to put on the best shows so people want to watch.

Q: Do you have any words for your fans, sponsors, Andre Dida, or Nick Diaz?

A: Check out HdNet Dream fights, thanks to everyone who helped me out for this fight. Thanks Rockstar, Clinch Gear, Da Hui, Atwater, OTM, and check out, Thanks!

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  1. ninjashoes's Avatar
    rematch with Diaz is in the works!

  2. MMAsterkillah's Avatar
    Yeah, I was happy to hear that. I wish I could watch some of his boxing matches,.
  3. Squirrel's Avatar
    Good job MasterK. The only thing I would suggest is that in the opening you should put the year of his PRIDE debut.

    Also, there's a couple of his boxing matches on YouTube.
  4. Neo_Pop's Avatar
    I hope he gets his ass kicked by everyone and keeps his ass in boxing.
  5. MMAsterkillah's Avatar
    What do you mean Squirrel? He never actually fought in PRIDE. I did add the year of the auditions, however.
  6. Squirrel's Avatar
    Ya, nevermind MasterK. I remembered that as soon as I logged off...
  7. The Fire's Avatar
    Another great interview, MasterK - your questions are VERY well thought out.