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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

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    Wimmy, who's that porn star?
    Anastasia "Anna" Morna

    Recommended by Wimmy, the most interesting man in the world.
  2. Floyd Mayweather gets into a brawl

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    He was at a burger place and got into a fight with rapper T.I.

    Someone posted the vid on instagram
    Blacks, smh.
  3. Proudly Presents The Round Table #2

    [SIZE=3]In this episode we are joined by several members of the forum. In the first hour Resin and Ninja talk amongst themselves for a bit then all hell breaks loose as we call Whooped, Crunchie, Dert, Wimmer and Bloodshot and the roundtable begins. We discuss everything from racism to MMA to Pro Wrestling. We even discuss a certain individual named Wolf aka 40.

    This time around, we stepped away from the usual format. We relaxed, and let things go this time ...
  4. New Show with Rob Gutro posted


    Ep:06 We interview Expert Ghost Medium Rob Gutro

    We are joined by Rob Gutro who is a famous ghost medium and guest on Coast to Coast. Resin and Ninja talk a little smack then the interview with Rob begins. He takes us on a journey into the world of spirits and mediumship. Rob expains the science behind talking to ghosts.

    [url][/url] ...
  5. Podcasting with daniele bolelli tomorrow

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    Tomorrow travdog another mate and I are interviewing daniele bolelli on our podcast who has also appeared on the joe rogan experience

    Daniele is an Italian writer, martial artist, and university professor. He is the author of On the Warrior's Path

    does anyone have any good questions i should ask him on behalf of the shoes ?

    our podcast is called The argument Podcast

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