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  1. Pride Fighters Who Have Been Successful in the UFC

    Theres always alot of talk going around about Pride guys who come to the UFC and don't do well. With Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva struggling to string wins together in the UFC its not hard to imagine why these idea might be coming about. My question is what about the fighters who have been successful? Why do they always get left out of the equation? Why is it that when a given Pride fighter does find some success outside ...
  2. Most Brutal Beatings in MMA

    1) Crocop vs Hiromitsu Kanehara
    2) Igor Vovchanchyn vs Enson Inoue
    3) Ricardo Arona vs Kazushi Sakuraba
    4) Vanderlei Silva vs Yuki Kondo
    5) Gary Goodridge vs Yoshiaki Yatsu
    6) Murilo Ninja vs Daijiro Matsui
    7) Rampage vs Ikuhisa Minowa
    8) Fedor Emelianenko vs Tsuyoshi Kohsaka II
    9) Travis Wiuff vs Kazuyuki Fujita
    10) Mario Sperry vs Hirotaka Yokoi
    11) Semmy Schilt vs Akira Shoji
    12) Mark Hunt vs Yosuke Nishijima
  3. Favorite Fights

    No particular order.

    1) Choi Hong Man vs Bobby Ologun
    2) Kazuyuki Fujita vs Bob Sapp
    3) Shogun vs Rampage
    4) Shogun vs Rogerio Nog
    5) Shogun vs Alistair Overeem (Pride GP 2004)
    6) Shogun vs Ricardo Arona
    7) Renato Babalu vs Bobby Southworth
    8) Renato Babalu vs Travis Wiuff
    9) Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko
    10) Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva II
    11) Dan Henderson vs Murilo Bustamonte
    12) Ikuhisa Minowa ...

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  4. Ninjashoes Top Ten

    Ninjashoes Top Ten, April 2010


    1. Fedor Emelianenko
    2. Brock Lesnar
    3. Shane Carwin
    4. Junior Dos Santos
    5. Frank Mir
    6. Cain Velasquez
    7. Antonio Nogueira
    8. Brett Rogers
    9. Andrei Arlovski
    10. Alistaire Overeem

    Notables are Barnett, Werdum, Kongo

    The top 3 spots haven't changed and continue their reign of dominance. Frank Mir becomes the latest victim of currently ...
  5. Kos is Boss, How Josh Koscheck Can Save Us From Main Event Hell

    I just wanted to start this article off by saying that I am really a big fan of Josh Koscheck. Am I crazy or trolling? No and I will tell you why in this article below. I hope that it at least encourages you to give "Kos" a chance.

    One of the reasons I probably like Koscheck where as others hate him is because I never saw the season of The Ultimate Fighter that he was on. I started watching TUF ...
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