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  1. Countdown to UFC 123 - Rampage vs Machida and Penn vs Hughes III

  2. Itís Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 16/11/10

    This week we look at Pac vs Margarito, UFC 122, and WEC 52
  3. Ninjashoes Top Ten, October 2010


    1.Fabricio Werdum
    2.Fedor Emelianenko
    3.Junior Dos Santos
    4.Brock Lesnar
    5.Cain Velasquez
    6.Alistair Overeem
    7.Antonio Silva
    8.Shane Carwin
    9.Frank Mir
    10.Antonio Nogueira

    Fabricio Werdum tops our ranks with an unusually easy win over perennial top HW Fedor Emelianenko. Fedor obviously wants a rematch while Fabricio wonít fight for the rest of the year due ...
  4. Itís Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 03/11/10

  5. Will Ferrell & Manny Pacquiao Sing "Imagine" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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