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After 13 years Ninjashoes Mixed Martial Arts has unfortunately finally slowed to a small amount of activity and was on a course to be little more than a statue to our memories. It is the social media age and rather than fight the times, I wanted to go out with a bang rather than die with a whimper. I decided to close the forum while we still had some fire in us. We had some great times and I will always remember them. I wanted to keep the forum up forever but it is the social media age and it was the ninjabros of our time that I cherish forever jaja. Thank you so much everyone, I love you guys. Special shoutout to everyone and anyone who ever joined the mighty Ship known as Ninjashoes that flew into the outer limits of expression. The ups and downs, the drama and the disorders, all ended up being a very special time with some great friends I will never forget. I love every one of you and may we remember the connections that we made in warm remembrance, that a mentally ill kid in a wheelchair, living in his grandmas basement, ever decided to create an "MMA Forum". There must have been divine intervention at work there and I will always remember each and every one of you in my heart. Please go on and keep the spirit of Ninjashoes alive and who knows, a mighty assdick in the sky might come again one day and reunite us in a forum BEEYOONDDD!(TAAR can come too!)

— - Ninjashoes final Captains Log, Friday December 6th 2019